Best 99 Nepali Wishes For Father | New Nepali Birthday Wishes

Best 99 Nepali Wishes For Father | New Nepali Birthday WishesFather Birthday Nepali Language Birthday SMS Messages Your friends birthday are coming soon and you are trying to wish them all of your best wishes by messaging them or posting on their timeline but couldn’t compose the best line for wishing, don’t worry here we have some best birthday wishing message in Nepali, Nepali muktuk and many more special for you.

हजुरआमा, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Best 99 Nepali Wishes For Father | New Nepali Birthday Wishes

Generally we all celebrate our birthday by getting together  all friends, family, and relatives  celebrating by eating delicious food, dancing on music and spends time with friends talking about jokes and other interesting matters, people come to say happy birthday to birthday boy/girl with gift , this is a really most happiest moment for everyone.

मित्र तिमी हौ मेरो सबै भन्दा प्यारो

तिमीलाई शुभकामना छ तिम्रो जन्म दिन यार

मेरो कहिल्यै नजर न लगोस तिमीलाई

कहिल्यै उदास न होस प्यारो अनुहार तिम्रो

Nepali Language Birthday Wishes Nowadays there is a craze of posting a birthday wishes on a timeline of birthday boy/girl so people are searching a best wishing message for birthday, best birthday wishes message, happy birthday message blah blah blah something like that in the google.

आमा, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Some people also want to wish their friend by posting a wishes message or some Nepali muktuk, Gajal so they have searched the Best birthday Wishes in Nepali, so here I have put some beautiful Nepali muktuk and ‘best birthday wishes in Nepali.

छोरा, तिमीलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Nepali Birthday Wishes FatherNepali 2023 Father Birthday

गालि गर्नु कुट्नु पिट्नु सताईरनु है
अाफ्नो मनको कुरा मलाई वताईरनु है   
मेरो यारलाई जन्मदिनको यहि शुभकामना     
सधै दिल खोलेरै यसरी मुस्कुराईरनु है

दुखेको मनलाई सम्झाउनु कला ह‍ो नी साथी   
थोरै खुशीमा नी रमाउनु कला हो नी साथी   
दुख होस् या पीडा, अासु नै अाए पनि   
दिल ख‍ोलेर मुस्कुराउनु कला हो नी साथी     
सधै भर खुसी रहनु मुस्कुराई रहनु यहि छ   
मेरो तर्फ बाट जन्मदिन को  शुभकामना।

Best 99 Nepali Wishes For Father | New Nepali Birthday Wishes

फुल लाई फुलबारी बधाई ६
सायर लाई शायरी बधाई ६चन्द्रमा लाई चान्दनी बधाई ६
प्रेमी लाई प्रेमिका बधाई ६
मेरो तरफबाट तिमीलाई… ।
नया जन्म दिन बधाई ६

उपहार यो दिल ले दिउ व दिइ हालु चन्द्र तार
जन्मा दिन म तिमीलाई के दिउ यो सोधी रहेछ सारा
जिन्दगी तिम्रो नाम गरिदिउ भने पनि काम छैन
हात समाते भने जिन्दगी भरी खुशी पाई रहन्छौ

Nepali language Father Birthday Wishes

जे जस्तो भएपनि सफर मुस्कुराई रनु है     
देखेर थाक्दैनन् मेरो नजर मुस्कुराई रनु है   
 मेरो यारलाई जन्मदिनको यहि शुभकामना     
रुन नपरोस् जिन्दगीभर मुस्कुराई रनु है।

happy birthday wishes for father in nepali language

Happy birthday to my incredible father and my best friend! I love you and wish a day filled with joy!

Happy birthday, my lovely dad! You’re the best dad anyone could ask for and I’m lucky one. Wish you always be so modern and understanding. It’s really important. Congrats!

I perfectly know how hard it’s to be a good father, but you did well with that. Thank you for your patience. Love you, dad. Wishing you the best birthday. Kisses!

Dad, thank you for our little secrets and all those times you didn’t tell mom. You were and are my best friend. Love you. Happy birthday!

The warmest congratulations to my warm and sweet dad. Hope this day and all the next year will be fantastic. You deserved all the best. Happy birthday, dad! P.S. I love you.

Well, the years are like all-you-can-eat pancakes–sweet, sticky, and stacked high. Enjoy your birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes for DAD from Daughter

The warmest birthday greetings to my dearest dad who have always been my true friend though thick and thin! Have a relaxed and cheerful day!

My dear father, thank you for showing me how wonderful the world is and how strong love can be. You are amazing person with big and beautiful heart. Happy birthday, father!

I’m really proud of you, my father. You were an awesome when I was a child but now you are exactly the same. Hope nothing will change in the future, too. You are just PERFECT! Have happy and special birthday!

Happy birthday to man who I love the most. You’ll always be my wonderful father and the best adviser. Thank you for all. The warmest wishes from me!

My dearest father, great fathers deserve the best birthdays, so may this day be fantastic as you are. Thank you for inspiration and hard work for creating my life beautiful. Love you, daddy. Happy birthday!

If happy birthday wishes were helium balloons, you’d be floating over the moon by now. Enjoy the ride!

सोल्टिनीजी, तिमीलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Sending you love, good wishes, and happy birthday kisses.

Count your blessings.
Expect the best.
Let love rule.
Embrace the day.
Be glad for another year.
Raise the roof!
Accumulate lots of gifts.
Think young!
Enjoy another great birthday.

Nepali Language Birthday SMS Messages

आमाज्यू, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Best Friend Birthday Messages | Wish Your Best Friend Birthday With Awesome Messages

जेठानज्यू, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना सालाज्यू,

Happy Birthday Nepali Messages | Happy Birthday SMS | Happy Birthday

ससुरा बुबा, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

Happy Birthday Wishes For Husband | Husband Birthday Wishes

दाजु, तपाईलाई जन्मदिनको हार्दिक मंगलमय शुभकामना

It’s your Birthday! Roll down the windows, crank up the music, and hang on! Friendship with you is a joy ride!

Nepali 2023 Father Birthday

The cake is baked, and the coffee’s hot. Come on over, and let’s share a pot. Happy Birthday wishes to you, my Friend.

A wish is a little gift wrapped in love and sent on a prayer. I wish you the best Birthday ever. Happy Birthday to you, my Best Friend!

May the light of the sunshine on your Birthday brightening your spirits and warming your soul as you begin another year.

Bada Dashain Ko Subhakamana | Dashain Tihar Nepali SMS | Happy Dashain

Just like your cake, you bring joy, light, and sweetness to the world. Enjoy your birthday celebration. You deserve it.

nepali happy birthday wishes

Each year another candle is added to the cake. Know what that means? You’re getting hotter every year! Happy Birthday!

The confetti is ready, and the presents are wrapped. Let’s get out of this place; there’s a party on tap! I can’t wait to celebrate your Birthday!

Happy Birthday Message For Husband

“Dear husband, words to describe you: Wonderful, amazing, unique, incomparable, handsome, strong, incredible. I could go on forever. Wishing you a blessed birthday.”

“Happy birthday to the most awesome, wonderful, outrageously funny, courageous, handsome and great hubby you are… Have an awesome birthday!”

Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up. You make me feel special every day. Today, I want to take the opportunity to make you feel extra special.”

Wedding Anniversary Wishes Nepali | Nepali Anniversary Wishes | Happy Anniversary

“Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted and thoughtful husband alive. Loving you is always easy.”

You have shown me what it means to have the perfect marriage. Happy birthday to the best, most understanding and loving husband on earth!”

Nepali Birthday Sandesh SMS

“Life is so precious and should be treasured. I treasure every moment with you and I’m so grateful for another year to spend with you. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

birthday wishes for sister in nepali language

“The sun won’t shine if I am not with you. The days are long when you’re not close to me. I am hopeless and scared when I don’t feel your touch. You are the husband I will always love. Today darling, you deserve the best birthday ever! Love you to the moon and back.”

“Through the good and bad times, you continue to be by my side. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. Happy birthday honey and thank you for all that you do.”

50 Best Anniversary Wishes to Husband by Wife | Nepali Anniversary SMS

“I am so appreciative for all of the blessings in my life. I have friends, family, health, etc., but the one blessing I am forever grateful for is knowing and loving you. You are a perfect gift from God. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

 “Never in a million years did I think I would be this happy to have the perfect man standing behind me, supporting me with my silly ways and making me laugh all the time. I enjoy every moment we share together. Love you and Happy birthday!”

Nepali SMS Nepal Birthday SMS

“You are the husband every woman wants. You are the father every kid will love. You are the friend no one else can have. You are all that I have. Thank you for everything, my love. Have the happiest birthday ever!”

birthday wishes for wife in nepali language

“I know you work hard and you’re always finding new ways to make things work for your family. That’s why you are the best! Happy birthday to my best friend, my husband.”

“No matter the age you are, nor if a white blanket covers your head, you will always be the man who wanted to share my life. You have a beautiful day, love!”

“Happy birthday from the most incredible, loving, beautiful wife on the face of the planet! I love you to the moon and back!”

birthday wishes for son in nepali language

“I don’t know how to put this but… you’re kinda a big deal today. It’s your birthday…and we shall celebrate by giving us both the gift of being extraordinarily hungover tomorrow! Happy birthday, husband!”

“Words are not enough, you need to look at my eyes and I believe that you’ll get your answer that how much I love you. Wishing you a wonderful celebration.”

Happy Birthday Message For Wife

Wishing the smartest, best looking and inspiring person in this world a very happy bday.”

Thank God for giving me the most handsome, loving, and smart husband in this world. Happy birthday!”

birthday wishes for brother in nepali language

“Everything in my life starts with you, everything in life ends on your name; know that you will always be special in my eyes my dear. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

My husband, happy birthday! You are the one source of my happiness that I won’t let go.”

birthday wishes in nepali word

“Your presence in my life has made it colorful and given it a new dimension. Wishing you a happy birthday.”

“It’s your birthday and I think it’s the perfect day to reveal one truth that you are the most amazing person in my life. My wishes are always with you. Best birthday!”

birthday wish status in nepali language

“Aspiration, admiration, and inspiration. These are not just motivational words, but the feelings that you, my dear husband, invoke in my heart every day. Wonderful bday my love!”

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