Iflix – Watch TV Shows & Movies Online Anywhere | Ncell Launched Iflix in Nepal

Ncell Pvt Ltd has announced its partnership with iflix — the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets. Issuing a statement on Wednesday, Ncell said that its customers will get three-month unlimited access worth Rs 900 to iflix’s service under this collaboration.

The service will start from Thursday. “This three month service offers unlimited data for free from 12 midnight till 5 am to stream and download shows on iflix. Along with that 4G users of Ncell can get free iflix service from 5 am to 5 pm,” the statement added. Ncell has also introduced a video pack worth Rs 50 under which customers can enjoy any content from iflix for an hour.

Ncell joined hand with iflix, one of the world’s leading entertainment service, to offer three months unlimited access (worth Rs 900) to iflix’s world class service for Ncell customers. Over the period, Ncell customers will also be able to enjoy unlimited data for free from 12:00 am to 5:00 am, exclusively to stream and download shows on iflix. Ncell 4G users are entitled to get an additional two hours of data between 5:00 am and 5:00 pm for free to enjoy iflix.

Customers can simply download iflix app via Google Play and iOS Apple Store and register with their Facebook account or email. Standard data rate will be charged while downloading the app and viewing content. Customers can enjoy access to iflix on up to 5 devices, including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, TVs and other connected devices, and watch shows on two different devices at the same time, reads a press statement.

Ncell has launched movie streaming service with iflix in Nepal. Earlier they have teased their offer “phone phone ma cinema” and this is how they launch the offer now. Ncell has partnered with world wide popular entertainment service iflix to bring the “phone phone ma cinema” offer in Nepal. They have also provided free unlimited streaming for three months with Ncell iflix offer.

What is Ncell iflix offer?

iflix is the internet TV service which enables its users to watch popular HD movies and TV shows on their smartphone on the go. iflix has huge online library of popular movies and TV shows from Hollywood and Bollywood and other regions from which users can choose to watch. iflix stream top quality TV shows, movies and more over the Internet and you can watch them on your phone, laptop, tablet or TV anytime, anywhere. The Videos from iflix app can also be chrome casted to bigger TV screen and can be downloaded in app to watch it later offline. They say it is an awesome way to watch your favourite movies and shows right on your smartphone on the go.

Now the iflix service has reached Nepal in partnership with Ncell and they are providing free unlimited streaming for three months but only at night.

Ncell iflix offer

With the Ncell iflix offer, Ncell customers can access unlimited world class service free of cost for three months, starting from Thursday (Oct 12, 2017). The free service is for the night period from 12 am to 5 am only using Ncell data. They can even download the contents (videos or movies) to their phones for offline
watching later.

Additionally, Ncell 4G users can access 2 hours of free iflix streaming for the period 5 am to 5 pm.

Charge for Ncell iflix movies

Apart from the free offer, you can buy 1 hour video pack for Rs 50 (inclusive of taxes) to stream movies and more on iflix. If you want to watch more, you can take the hour pack as much as you can.

How to use iflix service in Nepal?

To use the iflix service, you need to have an iflix app and access free for night or using some hourly packages.
You can easily get iflix on your device by using the process in steps below:
1. Connect to your Ncell network in your device.
2. Download iflix from App Store / Play Store in iOS or android and open the app or go to iflix.com.
3. Sign up and click on “ACCESS NOW” and then you can access iflix content in your phone.

  • To take the one hour pack of Ncell iflix service streaming, you need to dial *17137#.

Customers can connect up to 5 devices in your iflix account. It could be your TV, phone, tablets, desktop, laptops. You can manage your list of devices under MENU > ACCOUNT > DEVICES. You can stream two devices at once.

Ncell says they are happy to bring such world class service to local customers here in Nepal. Iflix have already contents from  more than 220 studios and distributors. And iflix have got popular international movies and TV serials including Hollywood and Bollywood cinemas.

Nepali movies in Ncell iflix

Till now, iflix has a huge library of international contents plus some of them have subtitles in Nepali language. They are adding more Nepali contents with partnership with the content owners.


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