Grade 12 and Grade 11 Exam Routine 2077 |NEB Routine 2077

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National Examination Board (NEB) Exam Controller Office, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur published exam schedule for the regular and partial examinees of grade 11 and grade 12  for the examination to be held in 2077 BS.

See Routine 2076

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SEE Compulsory English SEE Exam 2076: Start from  2076 /12/06

SEE Compulsory Nepali SEE Exam 2076: Start from 2076 /12/07

SEE Compulsory Maths SEE Exam 2076: Start from 2076 /12/09

SEE Science SEE Exam 2076: Start from 2076 /12/10

SEE Social Studies SEE Exam 2076:  Start from 2075/12/11

SEE Health, Population, & Environment SEE Exam 2076:  Start from 2075/12/12

SEE Optional I (Optional Maths and others): Start from 2076/12/13

SEE Optional II SEE Exam 2076: Start from 2076/12/14

NEB 2077 Grade 12 Start and End Date

The examination of grade 12 (XII)  will be held from Baishakh 15 to Baishakh 26, 2077 and

NEB 2077 Grade 11 Start and End Date

grade 11 (XI) examination will be held from Baishakh 29, 2077 to Jestha 08, 2076.

Click here to know the exam centers.

Examination time 7: 00 am to 10 am 

National Examinations Board (NEB) is the board that organizes the Higher Secondary and Secondary education in Nepal. It is transformed from the previous Higher Secondary Education Board according to the Education Act of 2073 B.S. It is located in Sanothimi, Bhaktapur.

NEB Address

Madhyapur Thimi Municipality 44811, Madhyapur Thimi 44600, Nepal 

NEB Contact Number

 +977 1-6630848 

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