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Sipradi Trading Tata Motors Tata Tigor to be launched in Nepal

Sipradi Trading Tata Motors Tata Tigor Tata Motors along with its sole authorized distributor for Nepal, Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd. announced the commercial launch of its new ‘StyleBack’, Tata TIGOR, meant for the young and fast-paced generation. With its stunning, break-free and revolutionary design, the Tata TIGOR is set to build on Tata Motors’ existing passenger vehicle portfolio and addresses needs […] Find More..

IELTS Awards 2016 announced by British Council

 The British Council on July 4 announced the opening of the British Council IELTS Awards for 2016-2017. Two Nepali IELTS candidates will get an award of Rs 500,000 each, towards the cost of tuition fees, according to a press release issued by the British Council. The awards aim to help Nepali students pursue the opportunity […] Find More..

Iflix – Watch TV Shows & Movies Online Anywhere | Ncell Launched Iflix in Nepal

Iflix Watch TV Shows & Movies Online Anywhere Ncell Pvt Ltd has announced its partnership with iflix — the world’s leading entertainment service for emerging markets. Issuing a statement on Wednesday, Ncell said that its customers will get three-month unlimited access worth Rs 900 to iflix’s service under this collaboration. The service will start from Thursday. “This three month service offers unlimited data for […] Find More..

Top 10 Most Protective Dogs Breed To Protect Your Family

protective dogs breed The following 10 breeds are all known for their dedication to their owners and their willingness to protect them. Protective Dogs Breeds make great family pets, so keep in mind that a protective nature doesn’t equate aggression. Top 10 Most Protective Dogs Breeds Bullmastiff This breed had an unusual beginning. They were bred to keep […] Find More..


New Year SMS Status Quotes Long distance relationship is not a matter of joke. It sucks to be in long distance relation. Are you in such relation with the same hurdles and pains? Perhaps yes. Then here are some few tips to maintain your relation healthier than before.Long distance relationship is the trial of your patience and love. So, accept […] Find More..