Start Online Survey for Making Money Online | Join Paid Survey

One of the easiest ways of making money online is through survey, so start online survey now.  There are many companies which pay the users like you in order to fill a survey form for their product. In order to keep away from a scammer, I did a lot of research and found out few legit survey companies that really pay on per survey.Start Online Survey

1. Swag bucks:

Swag bucks are the most reliable survey site. Each survey takes around 10-15 minutes to complete which means that you can easily earn $3.22 per hour.

2. MySurvey

MySurvey is another reliable consumer panel which always requires new members for participating in their survey. Each survey takes 15-20 minutes and rewards you 100 points which means that you can earn $6-$8 per hour.

3. OnePoll:

OnePoll offers quick and fun surveys for the surveyors. It is one of the first survey sites which provide surveys for the major brands. A single survey takes 4-5 minutes and pays you $1.34 per survey.

4. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the best-known survey websites in the internet world. Each survey takes 15 minutes and pays you about $2 per survey in the form of cheques.

5. Valued Opinions

The surveys of valued opinions are a group of larger research market. They send the surveys to those members whose profile matches with their requirements. Their surveys are quite interesting and can take 20-30 minutes per survey. Amount per survey is between $1.34 and $6.70.

6. Vivatic

Vivatic is that site which allows you to earn money not only from surveys but also from writing reviews and data entry. Each survey takes about 20 minutes and pays you $3 per survey.

Tips for signing a Survey:

I suggest you in signing up all these survey sites because it allows you to fill as many surveys as possible instead of fill just a few surveys per month.

And REMEMBER never pay to join any survey website. All the above-mentioned websites are free to join. These sites are tried and are genuine.