Top 10 Gifts You Can Bring as a Memory Back Home Nepal

Planning to go to Nepal for Summer vacation and thinking about what gifts will be better for your friends? Well here are top 10 gifts you can bring as a memory back home,

Famous tourists’ areas of Nepal are packed with the stores that sell original Nepal made export quality products. Top 10 Gifts well known as  famous products that lots of people prefer to buy are:

1.   Khukuritop 10 gifts

Khukuri, the real weapon that Nepalese had used during the war with British country back in 1800s. These are made up of best quality. Nepalese Khukuri is made up of two tiny attachment blades. It could be found easily on Kathmandu valley and Pokhara Valley which are two famous destination for tourists.


2.   Rice Paper items

Rice paper items are another very colorful and cost-effective gift that you can take as a memory from Nepal it is handmade paper made from rice papers. You can find diaries, journals, calendars, lamp shades and photo frames which might be perfect for girls.


3.   Pashmina

Pashmina named also as Cashmere in Asia is also one product you can buy from Nepal. This textile is made up of wool and silk. You can find different types of Pashmina found in Nepal which has variations on price. Some manufactures describe Pashmina as ultra-fine cashmere fiber, others use the term to describe a blend of cashmere and silk.


4.   Singing Bowls

One of the best thing you can bring from Nepal is the singing bowl. These bowls are made up of metal and creates a soothing sound when its rim is rubbed in a circular motion by a small wooden stick. This bowl not only creates the peaceful sounds but also it is said that its vibrations creates an ambience for meditation purpose as well. Singing bowl comes on various sizes. They are either hand-made or man-made. They are perfect for decoration purpose for your living room as well.


5.   Thangka

Thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting on cotton, silk or human skin as Mandala. Thangka is important among Buddhist culture as it tells the life of Buddha. It is not a flat are like oil painting or acrylic paintings. Indeed, it consists of a picture panel which is painted or overstated over which a textile mounted and covered with the silk product on top.

6.   Tea

Eastern side of Nepal is very famous for its tea garden. They make fresh and organic tea which every tea lover will prefer. It is a best taste you can take back home from Nepal. Tea produced in Nepal don’t have any negative effects on your health as I have already mentioned that it is 100% organic and of great taste.


7.   Masks and Statues

 If you have ever visited Nepal than you should know that they have whole bunch of culture, tradition celebrated here in Nepal. The beautiful Kathmandu valley offers variety of gods and their statues or masks. There are huge number of shops around Basantapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square that will helps you to select statues and masks of Hindu and Buddhists god and goddess.


8.   Spices

This Beautiful Himalayan country and its Countrymen loves spices. Nepal actually has so many medicinal herbs that can cure lots of diseases. Other than that, if you love spicy food than you should visit farmers market of Nepal.


9.   Handicrafts

Nepal is also famous for its hand-made crafts all over the world. In Nepal specially, women who are uneducated and unemployed are taught handcrafts lessons by government. Each year specially during Christmas Nepal sells a huge amount od handcrafts to the countries like US, UK, Australia. Items such as Prayer wheels, traditional masks, puppets, pottery items are some of the most famous among foreign countries.


10.  Jewelry and arts

Kathmandu Valley is well known for its great silver and gold based jewelry and arts. Mostly hey use Newari designs. Every woman loves jewelry, so it will definitely a perfect gift for your loved ones back home. 


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