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2078 SEE News Update 2078 SEE Routine 2075 SEE Examination Online Result is open now. So you can without quite a bit of a stretch download the 2075 SEE Examination Online Result from this page. Here we give the experiences about the 2075 SEE Examination Online Result.

The government has announced that a decision has not yet been taken about when the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be held this year. However, in a recent interview the Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel expressed concern about the possible breakdown of the academic calendar due to COVID-19 and stated his desire to schedule the SEE for the middle of June. We need to give serious thought to whether this rescheduling is in the best interest of the 482,219 young people involved.

To begin with, it would have been good not to mention a date, amidst current uncertainties about how the pandemic will affect the country. But more importantly, this lockdown is an opportunity to rethink the very idea of the SEE, which was introduced in place of the tried-and-tested School Leaving Certificate (SLC) in 2017. There are many things that need to be done in order to improve the quality of education for children in Nepal, and the cancellation of the SEE is one of them. While this was a fact even before COVID-19, the pandemic and lockdown have provided us with the opportunity to think outside the box and to push for positive change.

The logistics of exams

Minister Pokharel’s suggestions regarding the logistics of holding the examinations are unrealistic. He suggests two specific changes in the administration of the exams. The first is to have the examination centers placed within walking distance of the students’ homes, and the second is to conduct exams in three shifts each day.

With regard to creating examination centers within walking distance, we have to keep in mind that students from all over the country, whether they attend public or private schools, will be taking this exam. Is the government thinking of home centers only in certain districts or all over the country? Who will be responsible for making this arrangement? The municipalities, wards, or schools? What kind of financial and human resources will be required, and what is the time frame within which the job must be completed? The logistics seem vast and complicated, and one wonders if serious thought has been given to these matters by the ministry.

The proposition to have three exams per day also has to be studied well. Each exam runs for three hours. It is said that the students will eat at home before coming to the exam center. This means that they will be at the centers for 11 hours (three three-hour exams and two one-hour breaks in between). Such an arrangement will be nothing less than torturous for these students.

How do the professionals at the Ministry of Education expect students to be ready to give exams in three different subjects every day? And how will they write in a focused manner for nine long hours? What is the benefit to the students in doing this?

Minister Pokharel says in the interview: “The ministry is working out a system by which the upcoming academic year will not be affected.” He says that if the exams are held by the middle of June (end of Jeth), and if the results are out in a month instead of the over two months it generally takes, if the summer and winter holidays are cancelled, if festival holidays are not given, and if extra classes are conducted, then the next academic year could be saved.

We have to accept that the pandemic has already disrupted the academic calendar the world over. Our decisions should be made taking this into consideration instead of being in denial of this fact. Furthermore, we must ask, given the nature of the SEE, if this misery inflicted on millions of children, guardians and educators at all worth it? What is the benefit in going ahead as the ministry plans?

2078 SEE News Update

Here we give the very much arranged system to find the online SEE exam result. There are a couple of various approaches to find online assistant preparing exam result. We analyze them here very much arranged. Immediately you have to go to the official site of the Nepal government. The official site of Nepal government to check the SEE result is www.soce.gov.np.

• Go to the association offered above to find the SEE online result.

• Enter your exam picture number and date of birth.

• Finally present the unpretentious components to procure the SEE exam result.

SEE Result in Nepal Telecom Website

Nepal Telecom gives the 2075 SEE Examination Online Result in its website. So hence you have to sign on the Nepal Telecom site page see.ntc.net.np. Here you have to enter your exam move number. The page is showed up in the photograph underneath.

2078 SEE News Update

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