School Leaving Certificate Exam After Class 12

School Leaving Certificate Exam After Class 12

As the administration plans to supplant four levels of school training with two, the School Leaving Certificate examination will be held toward the finish of review 12, rather than 10, beginning one year from now, in the exam’s 82-year history.

The Legislature-Parliament on Saturday embraced the eight-change bill to Education Act-1972, permitting rebuilding of school instruction. According to the new lawful arrangements, the Higher Secondary Education Board and the SLC Examination Board will be supplanted by the Central Education Board (CEB), which will direct examinations both at the local and focal levels.

Baikuntha Aryal, representative for the Department of Education, said the last school leaving examination will be held after review 12, which might be named Higher School Leaving Certificate Examination. Review 10 exams will be made territorial, most likely common, by the CEB and conceivably renamed Secondary School Examination.

Not at all like at present, there will be no board exam for review 11. Particular schools will have the expert to lead exams for the year. After early optional tutoring, understudies can take up administration, science, humanities, specialized instruction or some other stream like at this point. “As all the optional schools don’t run grades 11 and 12, understudies can move schools after review 10,” said Aryal.

Out of the 11,000 optional schools, just around 33% – 3,600- – offer tutoring up to review 12. He, in any case, guaranteed that understudies would be denied exit after the tenth grade once all the optional schools direct classes to review 12.

In the new two-level tutoring, grades 1-8 will be essential and grades 9-12 optional. The legislature is get ready to begin specialized and professional courses from review 9.

Check SLC Result on Websites

As the innovation is doing extraordinary in Nepal, the aftereffect of SLC has started to distribute online alongside marksheet since a few years. Presently understudies can check their SLC result just by utilizing their Symbol number and Date of Birth. There are different sites which distribute SLC result each year. We have recorded the official sites that distribute SLC result where you can check your outcome.