Best Rangoli Designs Diwali 2020!

Best Rangoli Designs Unique Rangoli Designs Diwali is here and the festive enthusiasm is great year thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which gave us an opportunity to spend quality time with our family and loved ones and cherish simple things in life. Let this Diwali bring in more simplicity and happiness in the lives of everyone. As we all resorted to homemade celebrations during lockdown, this Diwali we again have an opportunity to celebrate the festival with unique, not-so-readymade and simplistic ideas.

Best Rangoli Designs Rangoli is an integral part of diwali decorations and every year it is one of the most celebrated competition ideas around this time. So if you are looking for a unique idea to make a stunning rangoli this year, we have a great idea for you.

Best Rangoli Designs Unique Rangoli Designs Mirror decorations can make anything look celebratory. Try to play with them on your rangoli this time. Decorative mirrors are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Select a design that can make the mirrors look good together and buy the mirrors accordingly. Choose from square, round or the iconic paisley shapes and put them together in a creative rangoli design.
While mirrors look great together, reflecting all the light falling upon them, make use of some rangoli colours to bring in some brightness in your design too. Fill in the gaps or outlines of your design with beautiful rangoli colours. This will uplift the design and your rangoli will certainly stand out.

Best Rangoli Designs Unique Rangoli Designs You can also add flowers to bring in some freshness and festive fervour. One of the most popular flowers used in rangoli design is marigold – in all its gorgeous colours. From yellow to dark orange, marigold can make any decoration look Indian and pretty. Make use of the lovely round shape of the marigold flower and add a dash of colour to your already shining rangoli design. 

Best Rangoli Designs Unique Rangoli Designs Mirror rangoli will be best suited at the entrance of your door if there is enough sunlight that falls there. Else, you can make it anywhere inside the house where enough light reflects upon it. One of the advantages of a mirror rangoli is that even if it gets disturbed by some kind of movement, there is no mess created and you can fix it immediately.
Here are some of the simple rangoli designs you can try:

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