Hong Kong Work Visa Program 2017

Hong Kong Work Visa Program 2017

On the off chance that you wish to work in Hong Kong a standout among the best economies in Asia, it might be worth considering a Hong Kong gifted movement program. There are various choices accessible in the event that you have the correct aptitudes and experience and wish to live and work in Hong Kong: the General Employment Policy (GEP) program for gifted laborers with a vocation offer, the Immigration course of action for non-neighborhood graduates-IANG and, the General Points Test (GPT).

GEP: This plan has been consolidated to address work deficiency issued in neighborhood work pool. Hopefuls documenting under GEP must have

Fitting scholarly accreditation with specialized capability in imperative exchange if craved in certain word related preface
A real work offer
Compensation offered ought to be in affirmation of predominant levels for relating calling in neighborhood work pool


GEP and IANG programs don’t have yearly fixing and have been wanted to lift picture of Hong Kong as universally focused city. Plans are accessible for individuals in

Culinary abilities and so forth.


IANG: This program plans to energize abroad understudies

Finished a full-time and general graduation or higher course from a perceived scholastic foundation of HK.
Non-inhabitant understudies – NRGs recording demands
Inside 6 months of achievement are new NRGs
Following 6 months of achievement are called returning NRGs

New graduates don’t require close by employment offer, while returning graduates require available occupation offer. Both classes of non-occupant graduates are allowed 1 year home in situations where every single other parameter worried with migration have been satisfied.

Hong Kong Work Visa Program 2017: General Points Test

The GPT is a focus based movement plot like that offered by the UK and Australia. People are evaluated against a blend of criteria including age, dialect aptitudes, scholastic capabilities, and work involvement. An occupation offer from a Hong Kong boss is not required under this plan.

Presently, you should score no less than 80 focuses under the GPT test, which is liable to change occasionally. GPT is most significant piece of HK movement and it is compulsory to score 80 marks (out of 165) is led on premise of components, for example,

Scholarly accreditations
Work presentation
Phonetic capacities
Family foundation


ABP assessment targets remarkable transients with uncommon aptitudes and accomplishments in their exchanges. In this assessment, just a single parameter is allotted a score of 165 imprints gave a transient

Is a beneficiary of worldwide level acknowledgment and honors?

Has partaken, and made sensational imbuements into developments in his/her exchange start

Hong Kong offers a dynamic situation in a locale regularly depicted as “East meets West”. It is one of the World’s driving global monetary focuses and is known for its low tax collection and for being an organized commerce territory.

On the off chance that you wish to live and work abroad, Hong Kong offers an awesome chance to you on the off chance that you have the correct aptitudes. ,