How to Cast Your Android Screen in TV, Larger Screen | Android Tips & Tricks

Android is hands-down the most popular and flexible mobile operating systems around due to its power packed features. And the best thing about it is, it lets you customize the device as per your choice. So a seemingly simple Android phone can become a melting pot of technology and creativity with the addition of the right apps from the Google Play Store.

Cast Your Android Screen in TVcast your android screen

Exploit a reflecting alternate way in the Quick Settings sheet, which you access by hauling down from the highest point of the screen with two fingers.

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You should discover a Cast alternative in this menu.

In the event that it doesn’t appear, there’s another method to set up reflecting.

In the first place, check to ensure you’ve introduced the Google Home application for Android. You most likely officially utilized this program to set up your Chromecast.

Open the application, tap Cast screen/sound from its menu, and after that pick your Chromecast.

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Your gadget’s show ought to show up on the extra large screen.

To Cast your screen from your Android device:

  • Connect your Android device to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast
  • Open the Chromecast App
  • From the navigation drawer, select ‘Cast Screen’
  • Touch the ‘Cast Screen’ button
  • Select your Chromecast
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To stop Casting your screen:

  • From your notification drawer:
    • Access the notification drop down drawer from your Android device
    • Select ‘Disconnect’ on the notification bar
  • From your Chromecast app:
    • Reopen the Chromecast App
    • From the navigation drawer, select ‘Cast Screen’
    • Select the ‘Disconnect’ button