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Ncell has brought new Dashain Tihar Ncell Data Pack to provide Internet accessibility. Under Dashain Tihar Ncell Data Pack Offer scheme, if any customer packages have been initiated, the amount of data package volume that is purchased by the customer will be obtained as equal amount of the data volume of the bonus, and tax can be enjoyed by the minimum of 2 paise per MB at the time of service.

The new Dashain Tihar Ncell Data Pack Offer are available with 2 offers:

dashain tihar ncell data pack offer

All time Pack and Night Time pack. Night time package is available from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. Under which the customer can purchase 30 MB to 10,000 MB data volume pack for 1 to 30 days, at a cost of Rs. 10 to Rs. 1500. Customers can streamline any data packs as per their requirement.

The most important features of this pack is that the customers can enjoy the 4G data pack respective to what type of data volume is taken. For example, when purchasing 500 MB data pack for Rs 100 then, the client will get more than 500 MB 4G data bonuses on free. The packaging machines of this plan can be used on any network; 2G, 3G and 4G and data in bonus form will be valid only on the 4G network.

All Time Data Pack Ncell Latest Offers, Packages and prices – Ncell

Under the All-Time Data Pack, the customer will receive 30 MB data in 10 rupees. The customer who operates this pack will receive 30 MB data pack bonuses. This way the customer will enjoy 60 MB data in 10 rupees. Similarly, under the other Al-Time Data Pack, the customer will take 100MB in Rs 30, 200MB in Rs 50, and 250MB in Rs70 and they can enjoy the respective data equivalent to the volumes.

Also, under the All Time Data Pack of the large volume, the customer will enjoy 500 MB in the 100 rupees, 1250 MB in Rs 300, 2500 MB in Rs 500 and 10,000 MB data in Rs 1500. Also, the purchased volumes will be equivalent to the 4G data bonus.

Customers who turn night volume packs can enjoy more data volumes than all-time data packs at the same price. Also, the customer who take night time packs will receive the same data as a 4G data bonus in addition to the volumes. For example, the customer who activates 40 thousand MB card packs in 15 hundred will receive more 40,000 MB 4G data bonuses. Customers can enjoy the services 2 paisa per MB in this package.
This scheme will be applied on Wednesday (September 6) for 90 days. 4G bonus will be valid for 30 days. All fees mentioned in the data packages included tax.

How To Get Dashain Tihar Ncell Data Pack Offer:

In order to get this affordable internet pack, Ncell customers can dial *17123# and customize the data packed according to their requirement.
In order to activate the All Time Pack, the customer should type their interested MB and sent SMS to 17123. In order to streamline night time packages, customers can type their data pack volume according to their requirement and type ‘N’ sending them SMS messages in 17123.

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