Postponed the Secondary Education Examination | SEE Exam Postponed

The government has postponed the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), which was scheduled to start Thursday.

It also postponed all the scheduled university exams for now.

Earlier, the government had decided to continue the SEE and to have a health desk at all the exam centres despite closing all academic institutions. Likewise, various universities including the Tribhuvan University had scheduled their exams in the near future.

Around 500,000 students of the 10th grade were preparing to take the SEE.

It is not sure when the exams will take place next.

The government took the decisions in its bid to prevent the public from coronavirus infection.

In the wake of growing threat of COVID-19 pandemic, the government on Wednesday decided to indefinitely postpone the Secondary Education Examination scheduled to begin on Thursday.

A total of 482,219 students were to appear for the SEE that was supposed to be held in 1,995 examination centres across the country. The government also deferred CTEVT and university examinations until further notice.

It also banned academic classes, training and seminars conducted by private colleges and educational institutions until April 12. All government and non-governmental organisations have also been barred from holding any conference until April 12.

SEE Exam Postponed

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