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Shrinkhala Khatiwada Introduction Video Script

I was born in a small town, tucked between the gorgeous mountains of Himalaya and the lush jungles of Terai. Since an early age, my Aama always taught me about the true values of life, about being selfless, about giving to those in need. Baba visited at times and I remember using his big belly as a chair. Despite being an average kid throughout my early life, I grew up to become the most hardworking student. I went on to study at the most prestigious Engineering college in Nepal and graduate to become an Architect as a college topper. However, 2018 was the year that took a turn in my life. I decided to take a challenge contrary to what was expected of me a decision to participate in a beauty pageant. It wasn’t easy for a studious girl – who loved and limited herself to the comfort of the close group of friends and family to come out into a field where she was public, to get into glamour walk and makeup instead of books, research, and design. My core values and my roots made me confident, and the nerd was now MISS NEPAL. I am Shrinkhala Khatiwada and I believe in the power of dreams. On my winning year, I got to explore Nepal better than ever. The land of 123 ethnic groups, a country that doesn’t believe in the tall building but would rather dwell in nature. Listening to stories, experiencing the life outside the comfort of the cities I found myself growing into someone whom I always yearned to be. A little-known fact- behind these nerdy glasses is a woman who is not scared to try anything under the Sun that doesn’t kill her. Traveling in volunteer works made me realize the impacts I could make, the shelters schools and hospitals I could build with all the knowledge I had gained buried in those books. With a tremendous amount of love and support, I could now give the voice to unheard, I could serve the needy. Like my Aama I could inspire people to care for others. From the land of Mount Everest and the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, I represent the unheard voices of shy girls, the strong spirit of our Gurkhas, the strength of all the independent women of today, the hardship, the resilience and the pride of 30 million Nepalese and I am so proud to represent this beautiful country of Nepal to wave our crimson flag high at the world stage ready to take any challenges life has to bring. So, now I’ve embarked upon the biggest challenge of my life yet, to be the Miss World 2018.

Namaste everyone!
I don’t know where do I begin. I am out of words to express my gratitude towards the support and love that you have been showering us with!
We released the introduction video last night and in less than 24 hrs, we’ve managed to get 6, 60,000 views!
This is going to be a long caption, please bear with me ❤️
Ever since I was crowned as a Miss Nepal, I knew that I was going to Miss World carrying the entire country on my shoulders. The introduction video might not seem like a big deal but, for me, it was a huge platform to represent Nepal to the world. Nepal is extremely diverse, and to show it in a short video whilst introducing my personal self-was a big challenge.
I wanted someone fresh and talented to do this project. Upon a lot of research, I decided that @abinbho was the best person who could do it. He seemed passionate, hard working and I felt like his work needed much more exposure. Luckily, he agreed as well!
We must have had at least 10 meetings before we finalized on the entire concept. I would constantly write the script and scrap it off because it never seemed to capture the essence of my place and me. 
We finally had a concept and a rough script ready. We shot for more 10 days in total. Struggled a lot to find sponsors, to manage time, to manage all the necessary resources within an hours notice. It’s not easy when you have a nature of micromanaging everything, but somehow, with a lot of support, we pulled it off!
We had done the dubbing prior to the shoot. In between, we also had the music ready. I remember when Abin called at midnight to play the first draft of the music by incredibly talented @kobidbazra. We were hooked!
Then was the most challenging part to piece it all together. We started out with a mindset of producing 2:30 long video but it couldn’t execute the concept that we had. We had a draft ready but something felt missing every time.
I got lucky to meet @sisanbaniya on our trip to Thailand. On one of the nights, I shared with him the idea and the script that I had planned, I remember he high fived me at least 10 times and promised to help us in any way possible.

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