Dashain Tihar Samsung Offers: More Home Appliances in Home

Samsung Nepal has presented the Dashain Tihar Samsung Offers giving the slogon Family Offers with the festival of Dashain, Tihar and Chhath Festivals. According to the company, a company comprised of opportunities for bringing home appliances home to a set of various goods in the purchase of 4G smartphone for Samsung phones in Dashain Tihar Samsung Offers

In Dashain Tihar Samsung Offers plan, the beneficiary will be selected for the implementation of this program from 5th September, and will be held for the next 35 days till August 2 and from October 2 for the last 35 days. The company claims that one of the 35 lucky people to bring home appliances home daily at one rate. Such gifts include 40-inch Smart TV, Double Door Refrigerator, Full Automotive Front load Wiring Machine, Microwave Oven and Vacuum Cleaner.

To get involved in Dashain Tihar Samsung Offers plan,

The mobile phone number should be sent to the space by sending the number of new digit mobile sets 11 points of serial number to 37722.

After the SMS is sent, the system will be given information to the customer via SMS. According to the company, one of the registered numbers will be selected as a winner.

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