Find Out who is Watching Your Facebook Profile: Facebook Profile Spam

Facebook Profile Spam

Facebook appear to have made some move against Facebook profile spying applications. Large portions of the poo applications detailed Facebook Profile spam by Facebook clients have been brought around Facebook. Yet at the same time the thing to stress over is that the Facebook profile spam is not spreading through applications just, in actuality it is spreading with the assistance of Facebook Events, Pages and gatherings as well. So Facebook necessities to sift through those spam pages, gatherings and occasions as well.

The majority of the profile spying gatherings, pages and applications takes you to a page that is totally loaded with promotions and offshoot joins. Frequently they request that clients finish certain offers or studies after which clients wind up passing their critical data to the spammers or downloading contaminated records to their PC.

Find Out who is Checking/ Viewing/Watching Your Facebook Profile: Facebook Profile Spam

You will discover expansive number of Facebook pages, bunches and applications that cases to enlighten clients concerning who checked their profile. Really they all are spam. Their sole reason for existing is to get a vast client taking after by deceiving individuals and afterward guiding them all to pages intensely stacked with notices which thus creates income for them.

Facebook itself says that there is no chance to get at all with which you can see/check who is going to your Facebook profile. This is what Facebook’s current notice states about this quickly developing spam.


On Facebook, there’s no real way to see who has gone to your profile. We’ve likewise kept others from giving this usefulness. We’re striving to piece and expel sites, Pages, and applications that claim. On the off chance that you see one, don’t be tricked, and report it to us quickly.

Taking after are a portion of the Facebook spam applications, occasions and pages alongside their URL’s. On the off chance that you wish you may report them to Facebook as spam this would take only few moments. Yet, at the same time that would not have much effect in light of the fact that there are such a variety of applications, pages, bunches with same stuff under various names.

Facebook Profile Spam: Some Examples

Discover who’s checking your Facebook profile working!! New application

OMG… I can’t trust this really works! Presently you truly can see who sees your Facebook profile!!!

Spy see who is survey Your Profile

So as to dispose of these crappy profile guest checking stuff Facebook must have a legitimate screening framework to assess the substance of any Facebook application, page, and bunch and so on.

To remain away and safe from every one of these tricks/spams kindly absolutely never join or go to any Facebook page, application, gather, occasion. That might cases to enlighten you regarding who went by your profile or comparable sort of data. This will surely help you remain safe on Facebook.