Long distance relationship is not a matter of joke. It sucks to be in long distance relation. Are you in such relation with the same hurdles and pains? Perhaps yes. Then here are some few tips to maintain your relation healthier than before.Long distance relationship is the trial of your patience and love.
So, accept this challenge and feel proud of your own love story. I am also in long distance relationship and realizing the pain in long distance relationship, I am sharing some ways to make you feel better.

Long distance relationship: COMMUNICATE MORE

The superb way of dealing with long distance relationship pain is to communicate more. Actually, it is the best idea.My day starts with his call for Good Morning and day ends with his Good Night. These wishes matter a lot. You may not have a time to call but at least type the greetings and send.
Make the use of social medias like Viber, Facebook, Snapchat, Skype etc. And most important, make a video call.Video call makes you feel better. It feels like you are close to your partner.


Their should not be a place for lies, secrets and hesitations in your relationship. Open up your feelings, your emotions. Tell him/her what you did all the day long. Ask what he/she did. This improves your relationship goals. If there is any problem going on with you, then feel free to share with your beloved.
You are far in miles not in heart beat. Show him/her how much they mean to you. Share your feelings, how you are feeling, your feelings to touch, kiss, hug and, cuddle. What your instinct is trying to say, say it. He/She is yours, only yours.

Long distance relationship: HAVE FAITH IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP

It is you who is responsible for your relationship. Never doubt your loved ones. Suspicion owe a  great space in long distance relationship. As you are not physically close, your mind start presuming various ideas although your heart restricts to do so. Make him/her realize you are there for him/her whatever the situation is.
It is obvious that he/she will be surrounded by new friends that you do not know.So, ask about them. Try to know about them since he/she will be talking about his/her new friends.If you are busy then tell him/her frankly.You can call later.This does  not mean ignoring.
You have to keep in mind that no one likes to be ignored, not even you. So, behave accordingly. Ignorance is your first step towards your break up. Make your love exceptional.

Long distance relationship: RECALL YOUR PAST MOMENTS

Whenever you remember your love, watch your videos, pictures. Recall your moments. I use to be jealous when I see couples kissing, holding each other’s  hand and having a romantic time because these remind me of my boyfriend who is far from me. I start blaming this long distance relationship.
I can not wait to kiss him, hug him and cuddle with him.
I start kissing his pictures, checking his profile,  hugging  my pillows and cuddling my blanket.
These are awesome.
These calm down your emotions.
Try once, I am sure this will help you.

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