NEB Class 12 Exam New Routine 2078| NEB Result 2078

12 Exam New Routine 2078 National Examination Board (NEB) officially Published the annual exam routine (Schedule) of Class 12. Get details of the Class 12 exam with examination guidelines. 12 Exam New Routine 2077 The written examination will be conducted from 2077 Mangsir 9 (Tuesday, November 24, 2020) to 2077 Mangsir 16 (Tuesday, December 1, 2020). Get details of the Class 12 exam date, time, and guideline (instruction). You also download the exam routine on pdf format (download link is given at the bottom of the post).

12 Exam New Routine 2078

Exam Time: 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Subject / Exam DateSubject Code
2077/08/09 (Tuesday)
Com. English – (Regular & Partial / Grade Increment students)004
Anibarya Balkalpik Sanskrit Rachana005
Commercial Veg. Prod. & Mkt (Technical Stream)642
Introductory Meat Science (Technical Stream)648
2077/08/10 (Wednesday)
Computer Science230
Opt Nepali232
Rural Development602
Folk Music (Vocal/ Instrument Flute)638 / 640
Commercial Mushroom Produ. & Mkt (Technical Stream)644
Intro. to Livestock Breeding Mgmt (Technical Stream)650
Data Comm. & Computer Network (Technical Stream)654
Structural Analysis & RCC Design (Technical Stream)658
Opt & Maint of Micro Hydro Plant & PV Sys (Tech Stream)662
Criminal Law & Justice674
2077/08/11 (Thursday)
Political Science258
Home Science264
Hotel Management270
General Law296
Anibarya Byakaran (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)605
Nyaya (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)616
Child Dev. & Learning902
Classical Music (Technical Stream)678
2077/08/12 (Friday)
Travel & Tourism274
Elements of Finance606
Teaching Science904
Teaching Social Studies906
Teaching Health & Environment Science938
Opt. Shukla Yajurveda (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)607
Opt Jyotish-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)601
Opt Sahitya-ll (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)615
Opt Byakaran-II (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)634
Sustainable Integrated Nutrient & Pest Mgmt (Tech)646
Applied animal nutrition (Technical Stream)652
Web development and Database (Technical Stream)656
Maintenance & Rehabilitation of Structures (Tech)660
Repair & Management of Electrical Equipments (Tech)664
Western Music (Technical Stream)682
2077/08/13 (Saturday)
Population Studies246
Mass Communication262
Library & Information Science298
Environmental Education608
Sports Science666
Legal Drafting668
Nepali Folk Music (Technical Stream)680
Chemistry Education942
12 Exam New Routine 2077
2077/08/14 (Sunday)
Biology (Botany + Zoology)2214
Opt. English220
Principles of Accounting -II274
French/ Japanese/ Urdu/ German282/ 284/ 286/ 288
Human Value Education290
Veda/ Nitishastra618/620
Applied Arts630
Civil Law & justice672
Opt. Music – Vocal/ Instrument/ Dance (Technical Stream)684/ 686/ 688
2077/08/15 (Monday)
Health & Physical Education244
Co-operative Management604
Business Studies628
Procedural Law670
Opt. Shukla Yazurveda-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)621
Opt. Jyotish-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)611
Opt. Sahitya-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)623
Opt. Byakaran-III (Uttar Madhyama Pathyakram)635
2077/08/16 (Tuesday)
Com. Nepali6
Alternative English8
Human Rights676
Business Mathematics908
Introduction to Edu. Technology/ Special Need Edu.912/ 934
Primary Education/ Instructional Organization914/ 922
Instructional Evaluation918
Contemporary Society924
General Mathematics/General Science926/ 928
Social Studies930
Rural Economics932
Gender Studies/ Food & Nutrition936/ 940
History of Arts944
Nepal Parichaya946
Sanskrit Byakaran Rachana948
Opt. Music IV950

Notes: 12 Exam New Routine 2078

(A) No further arrangement shall be made for the candidates who are absent from the examination as per the prescribed examination schedule.

(B) Even in case of any emergency leave, the examination will not be postponed without the prior notice of the Examination Control Office.

(C) Materials like graph paper, chart, Goshwara voucher, back cash book required by the exam league will have to be brought by the examinee himself/herself.

(D) Candidates appearing for the Biology subject will have to use the same answer sheet for the Botany and Zoology subject.

(E) The experimental examination of the subjects remaining to be completed by the school should be completed internally by the school and submitted to the concerned office of the National Examination Board by 25th Kartik 2077 BS.

(F) Mobile phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices are not allowed in the examination.

(G) As per the rules, only the students who have obtained the admission letter by filling the examination application form will be allowed to participate in the examination.

(H) Candidates undergoing treatment infected with Covid-19 are requested not to participate in the test. Arrangements will be made for such candidates on the basis of lab reports tested by a laboratory recognized by the Government of Nepal.

(I) Candidates who are unable to attend the examination by attending their school in a district other than the district where they have studied due to the Covid-19 epidemic may participate in the examination on the basis of the details submitted earlier. For this purpose, all the three districts of Kathmandu Valley (Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur) should be considered as one district.

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