Updated 2019 Yamaha Bike Price List | Yamaha, Yes! Nepal

Yamaha is among the top few brands when it comes to competitive bike prices in Nepal. Yamaha has a range of motorcycles that runs from 125 cc to 321 cc. Saluto 125 backed by Advanced Blue Core Engine is the most economical motorcycle that Yamaha sells in Nepal. Yamaha YZF-R15s is the flagship model of the Yamaha motorcycle series which has been catering to the racing enthusiasts in the 150 cc category. No other motorcycle companies in Nepal could match the exhilarating performance provided by R15.

No other companies in Nepal could match the competitive bike price in Nepal compared to Yamaha as almost all of its products come with Blue Core Technology – Yamaha’s Next Generation Engine Development ideal. In the 150 cc category alone, Yamaha boasts a range of product variants that hardly any other brands could compete. Yamaha’s SZRR is one of the economical motorcycles in the 150 cc segment with a reasonable pricing of NRs. 219,900 only. Yamaha is one of the leaders in Premium Segment Motorcycle in the 150 cc segment with its ever-popular models FZ FI Series. It has a competitive market price ranging from NRs. 257,900 to 269,400. Moreover, it comes with an advanced Blue Core Engine with an advanced FI System. Likewise, Yamaha YZF-R15s is available at all Yamaha outlets inside Nepal at just NRs. 354,900.

Yamaha has recently introduced a Newer Model in racing segment with one of the most awaited racing motorcycle in Nepal – YZF R3. This new motorcycle model is expected to raise the bars for racing enthusiasts in 250 cc and 300 cc. The all-new Yamaha YZF-R3 mounts a newly developed 321cc, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, in-line 2-cylinder, fuel-injected engine. With all-new engine and chassis designs, the YZF-R3 sports a solid combination of class-leading power and a lightweight body that achieves high levels of riding performance and styling worthy of the “superbike” moniker.

Yamaha R series bikes are equipped with under cowls that are based on the image of a diffuser, to give them the best form for aero-management. These are not cowls for simply enclosing the engine, but forms composed of blade surfaces that actively control airflow. This spirit has been directly inherited by the YZF-R15s and YZR-R3 motorcycles.
All in all, Yamaha delivers the best bike prices in Nepal with an unmatched riding experience to motorbike riding enthusiasts.

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Here you can find all the 2019 Yamaha Bike Price List in Nepal

Updated 2019 Yamaha Bike Price List | Yamaha, Yes! Nepal

 S.N Yamaha Bikes N Scooters   Price (Rs) 
1. Yamaha YBR 110 1,57,900
2. Yamaha RAY 1,60,900
3. Yamaha YBR 125 1,64,900
4. Yamaha Alpha 1,72,900
5. Yamaha Ray Z 1,77,900
6. Yamaha Enticer 125 1,78,900
7. Yamaha Saluto Drum 125  1,83,900
8. Yamaha SS 125 1,85,900
9. Yamaha Saluto Disc 125 1,88,900
10. Yamaha Ray ZR Drum 1,89,900
11. Yamaha SZ R 150 1,91,900
12. Yamaha SZ S 150 1,95,900
13. Yamaha Ray ZR 113 CC Disc 1,96,900
14. Yamaha Fascino 113 cc 1,99,900
15. Yamaha SZ-RR v2 150 2,17,900
16. Yamaha FZ 150 2,21,900
17. Yamaha FZ S 150 2,31,900
18. Yamaha FZ FI V2.0 150 2,56,900
19. Yamaha FZ S FI V2.0 150 2,64,400
20. Yamaha FZ S FI SE V2.0 2,69,400
21. Yamaha YZF R15 V2 3,42,900
22. Yamaha YZF R15 V2 3,48,900
23. Yamaha FZ25 250 3,54,900
24. Yamaha R15 S 150 cc  3,55,900
25. Yamaha YZF R3 321 cc 9,00,000
26. Yamaha XJ6 600 cc 15,17,000
27. Yamaha YZF R6 600 27,00,000
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